Starting, Growing and Leading a Start-Up Company

Below I’ll share how I answered this question on Quora: Where is the difference between running a 5, 50 and 500 employee company? Since I have my own personal experience starting a few companies ( and Freedom Financial Network) and growing them from conception through the phases of the first hire; then ten employees; then 50; then 100… and now about 725, I can share my own perspective.  But, like most things, this is simply... Read More

Trust & Authentic Leadership

Material from a fun lecture I did this week on “Trust & Authentic Leadership” at UC-Santa Cruz (in my mom’s seminar on “Trust Rules”). It was fun for me and the students were just awesome. [slideshare id=15089814&doc=trustleadershipstrohlectureucsc-121108151431-phpapp02]  Read More

Why coaching a 7 year old’s lacrosse team is a lot like being a CEO

Put me in Coach! Why coaching a 7 year old lacrosse team is a lot like being a CEO.  Thoughts from the sidelines and corner office from Brad Stroh. I have learned a lot by being a Founder and CEO of a few successful entrepreneurial start-ups.  I have also learned a lot by being a dad and a coach of a few basketball, football and lacrosse teams for little kids. Kids High-Fiving I’ve learned about myself.  I’ve learned about incentives and... Read More