Golf With A Legend

Fun day with Annika on the golf course.

Anyone know who Annika Sorenstam is?

Hint:  she’s bright, wonderful, down to earth and also one of the most successful LPGA golfers of all time.

She’s won 89 tournaments, and 10 majors — which is just unbelievable.  She also, maybe more remarkably, got to play some golf with me yesterday.

I had a blast and it’s interesting to compare what makes you successful in golf and how that translates to business (she’s now an entrepreneur).

1. staying true to yourself
2. following your dream and passion, even when it seems impossible
3. dedication and hard-work
4. doing all of the little things that matter & not ever taking short-cuts
5. focus

She’s super impressive, and has a terrific short-game (no surprise).  The surprise is how down to earth and considerate and interested she is.

A wonderful day.  Thanks.



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