Education and Background

Stroh is originally a native of Chicago, Illinois and received his MBA from Stanford Business School, where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar, and received a BA from Amherst College, where he captained the men’s Lacrosse team.

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At Stanford, Stroh was CEO of the largest MBA run non-for profit named “Challenge4Charity” which raises money for at risk youths in the communities surrounding UCLA, USC, Washington University, Stanford, Berkeley and others.

Amherst CollegeAt Amherst College, Stroh was actively involved in the BigBrother organization as a tutor and mentor to Vietnamese children in non-english speaking households.  Stroh double majored in English Literature and Economics.


Brad Stroh also attended Haverford College, before transferring to Amherst College, and Oxford University where he attended St. Johns College.

He attended High-School at Lake Forest High-School, outside of Chicago.  Stroh attended middle school at Selwyn House and LCC, both in Montreal.

Currently, Stroh and his co-founder of Freedom Financial Network, Andrew Housser, guest lecture at Stanford Business School where they guest teach the case written about their experiences as entrepreneurs in S353 – Foundations of Entrepreneurial Enterprises.

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