Stroh Family – Trip Around the World

B Stroh Family Trip

It’s a wrap. Our semester of “world schooling” across seven continents and 24 counties is over, but we’ll never forget the memories and shared experiences.

Brayden Stroh – Firehawks Lacrosse Highlights

Brayden's Firehawks Lacrosse Team

Brayden and his team won the NCJLA championship for their league, ending their Firehawks era as champs. Bray made a video with highlights from his spring season. He’s an awesome (no longer so little) dude.

Brooke Singing in the Menlo Talent Show

Brooke Stroh Singing


World School – Around the World and Back with the Stroh kids

Stroh World Trip

Well, we dreamed up an adventure to take the kids and our amazing tutor (Ryan!) around the world to volunteer, donate, learn, be challenged, grow and have some fun. The trip took us through 23 countries and all seven continents. In a word: unforgettable. Here are some links: When we started planning: Brad Stroh World School […]

Brayden Working Hard to Give Back – FirstStick Program

First Stick Program

Brayden busted his butt, going to bed at midnight and coming in with blistered hands to win the #WallBall challenge and support SNYPR’s #FirstStickProgram.  We didn’t know it at the time, but he said he wanted to donate the stick he would win to kids that cannot afford to buy lacrosse equipment.  Really proud to […]

Mutton Bustin’

Muttin Busting

Yep, it’s wild.  It’s also kick-ass to watch your kid riding a sheep (until he gets tossed).   I am very proud to share that Brayden, in his inaugural Muttin Bustin’ experience, took home the highly coveted blue ribbon and Preserve belt buckle for winning!  Good work buddy.



Brad Stroh currently lives with his wife and two young children in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brandy Stroh is actively involved in the Portola Valley School District, where she currently is Chairwoman of the Ormondale Schools Site Council.