365 Lessons For a Child

365 lessons

I wrote a book of life lessons, titled “365:  A Year of Lessons From a 36 Year Old Father to His 5 Year Old Son” It was fun and now Brayden and I read one lesson a day. Here is the preface: Preface Brayden, I looked at you smiling on your fifth birthday and I […]

The Dharma King

The-Dharma King by B.G. Stroh

Stroh published a fictional novel, titled “The Dharma King” about the search for the missing Panchen Lama. From the flap: “The Dharma King is an epic chase to find and bring the baby Panchen Lama, the spiritual counterpart to the Dalai Lama, to safety. A young American man, Samuel Falk Simms, Jr races against time, a vicious […]