Golf with Hoover Fellow and Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers

Golf Stroh and Boskin

Golf at Stanford with Michael Boskin For those who don’t know, Boskin was Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under George HW Bush.  He’s currently a senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute and a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal.  He’s a rock-star in the boring world of economics – so I […]


SF Zoo

We took the entire Freedom/Bills team and families (lots of kids came, which was a blast) to the San Francisco Zoo. Super fun day to step back and just appreciate everyone on the home team as friends.  Looking around lunch and talking to so many smiling friends, it made me realize just how lucky I […]

Citibank Board Lunch – Failure of Capitalism

I went to lunch this week with a Board member of Citibank, (also a former Dean of Stanford Business School). My co-founder Andrew (you’ll hear about him often here, he’s the second smartest guy I’ve ever worked with {first is Jon Meeks who is at TA Associates, but he’s a nut}) and I went over […]